About our Camera Club

Digibox started some 50 years ago from the photographic section of the Metal Box Social Club. Metal Box was a large company in Worcester, locally known as the 'The Box'. Then the club became independent and was known as 'The Box Camera Club'. The name changed again to Digibox Camera Club when digital photography arrived.



Worcester Golf and Country Club, Boughton Park, Bransford Road, Worcester WR2 4EZ


7:45pm on Thursdays from the beginning of September to the end of April.


The sessions take a variety of formats including monthly competitions with visiting judges, external speakers and shoot-outs.

New Members

We welcome new members to come along to our camera club meetings in Worcester. After 3 initial visits, prospective members are invited to join Digibox Camera Club. 


It doesn't matter if you create images using a camera phone, a compact  camera or an SLR. Come along and share your images. Guest lecturers and members are always keen to share their insights and experience. 

Membership Fees