Competition Rules

For the benefit of all club members

  • All images must have been taken by the club member entering them.
  • All images must have been originally captured by camera/video within 3 years of the competition date.
  • Each image must be submitted only once to the regular monthly competitions. However, images may be resubmitted to the end of season "Image of the Year" competition, or for use in "battles" against other clubs.
  • Any format of camera/phone may be used, the key criteria is that the resultant electronic image must be converted to JPEG/JPG format for competition entry. For audio visual competitions the required file format is EXE.
  • No RAW files may be submitted for competition.
  • A maximum of 4 images may be entered into a monthly competition.
  • No competitor name or copyright marking must be displayed on the face of a submitted image.
  • Club competitions are either "Open" - meaning any image, meeting the other rules, can be entered. Or "themed" - where a specific area of life or photographic interpretation is required.
  • All competitions are notified in advance through the club's annual programme and reminders are given in advance of an upcoming competition.


  • All competitions will be judged by a visiting guest judge or a club official  (who is then excluded from entering that particular competition).
  • Guest judges are permitted to decide if a particular image falls within the ambit/spirit of a "themed" competition.
  • Guest judges will be requested to score all images at the end of each competition.
  • Points won in each competition will be aggregated throughout the club's season with a number of annual prizes  awarded.

Current Competitions and Prizes

  • Photographer of the Year - the club member who scores most points totalled across the six main competitions plus the AV competition.
  • Digital Projected Image Trophy - the club member who gets most marks across the six main competitions.
  • The George Sedgeley Memorial Image of the Year Trophy - the member who has the best image judged in this competition.
  • The Ray Gavin Memorial Trophy - the winner of the Audio-Visual competition. 

Image Sizing and Entry Requirements 

  • All images must be 1. RESIZED and 2. NAMED so they work with the projector and the competition software the club uses. The maximum image size is 1920 pixels x 1080 pixels. (Further practical notes are available to help with the naming convention and re-sizing).
  • Each image must be titled using the following convention PICTURE TITLE by Member Name with single spaces between each word (for example SAX PLAYER by Richard Purvis) to ensure competition software identifies an image.
  • All images must be given to the Digibox Equipment Officer 7 days before a competition via a memory stick.


Changes to Club Rules

Any changes to club rules will be proposed at the club's AGM, discussed and agreed/rejected by club members at that meeting. Changes will take place for the following season.

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